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  • Corporate Information


    BlueBee Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and development of drones. Our company primarily focuses on developing drones for transportation and operational purposes. Our transport drones are capable of carrying payloads ranging from 25 to 150 kg, and we are developing both electric and hybrid drones for this purpose.


    For operational tasks, we are engaged in developing drones specifically for forestry applications, such as underbrush clearing.


    Our strengths lie in producing large drones and developing attachments for operational tasks. We also undertake the development and production of specialized drones. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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    Company Name: BlueBee Corporation (BlueBee)

    Representative: Hiroyuki Kuromaki

    Established: March 2016

    Capital: 15 million yen

    Address: 360 Nagakoda, Naga-mizu-cho, Tamana District, Kumamoto Prefecture 865-0103, Japan

    Phone: 096-285-9311

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    Delivery Achievements

    At BlueBee Corporation, in addition to developing specialized drones, we also manufacture original drones. We have a track record of delivering these drones to various government ministries and agencies.

    Delivery Achievements: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Forestry Agency, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, University of Tokyo, general contractors, etc.

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    Business Activities

    About BlueBee Corporation

    At BlueBee, we engage in the development, manufacturing, repair, maintenance, and operational services of drones. For customers considering a purchase, we offer services ranging from introduction to post-introduction support. We also cater to clients who initially only require services such as transportation.

     Since we at BlueBee develop everything from the airframe to the flight controller, we are able to provide comprehensive support.


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  • Products

    At BlueBee, we specialize in manufacturing drones for the purpose of transporting goods.

    Our products are primarily designed for transporting materials to remote islands and mountainous areas.

    We also manufacture hybrid drones capable of long-duration flights, which are suitable for carrying heavy loads over extended periods.

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    The BB2800-HV is a hybrid drone designed for transporting goods.

    It has a dry weight of 150 kg and qualifies as an unmanned aerial vehicle.

    This drone is being developed for the transportation of materials and timber in forestry operations.


    *Currently under development.



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    The BB2400-HV is a large drone developed for transporting materials between mountainous areas and remote islands. It's a hybrid drone equipped with an engine generator, capable of a 90-minute flight when carrying a 20 kg payload.


    Customization of control systems and radio equipment is available to suit the specific usage and environmental needs of the customer.


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    The BB2140 is an electric drone designed for transporting goods.

    It has a maximum payload capacity of up to 50 kg, making it suitable for short-range operations.


    This drone has been used in forestry, construction, and power industries.


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    Landmine Detection Drone

    A drone currently under development, designed to carry a landmine detector, is based on the technology of an underbrush clearing drone. This drone is envisioned to have an arm equipped with a landmine detection device to facilitate its operations in areas with potential landmine threats.